Chip Demand Soars TSMC’s Q1 income rose 17 % from a 12 months earlier to file third quarter in a row

Chip Demand Soars TSMC’s Q1 revenue rose 17 percent from a year earlier to record third quarter in a row

In response to Tesla’s assertion, EveCar stated it had been entrusted by the proprietor to order current automobiles on the Tesla retailer in Changsha

In response to Tesla’s claim that “the Wuhan owner’s pickup of the car is fake news”, Yibuya said that “the car is brand new and the invoice is real”, and presented a power of attorney, indicating that the owner subsequently entrusted Yibuya with the identity information of his immediate family to continue the delivery of the car.

Russia’s central financial institution plans to check a digital ruble prototype in 2022

Russia’s central bank plans to test a digital ruble prototype in 2022

Didi plans to file paperwork this month amid renewed rumors of a U.S. IPO

Didi plans to file documents this month amid renewed rumors of a U.S. IPO

Can the ceiling of Tesla cease Pinduoduo and the supply boy?

If you ask how the drama between platform and brand over users will play out, you might try to think of it this way — users will vote on price, and brands will ultimately vote on user numbers.

Tesla’s head of Better China has instructed Pinduoduo to take motion

Tesla also said that according to the delivery data, the order for this pickup was placed on the official website on July 28, while our company cancelled the Wuhan owner’s order on August 14, which is not consistent with the owner’s description that he placed the order in the name of his family due to being blocked.

Tesla response: not shielded Wuhan automotive house owners on the self-directed and self-produced information expressed indignation

Tesla responded to the report that “Yibuqi and Pinduoduo helped Wuhan car owners successfully pick up their cars”, saying that it had never blocked any car owners.

The place does the Tesla get to the entrance of the mountain?

As we head into the fourth quarter of 2020, there are more and more signs that new and old car makers are challenging Tesla’s dominance.

The top of Samsung, Lee Jae-yong, has prolonged his post-operative remedy to return to detention

The head of Samsung, Lee Jae-yong, has extended his post-operative treatment to return to detention

Alibaba’s income for fiscal 12 months 2018 was 250.266 billion yuan, up 58% 12 months on 12 months

Alibaba Group reported revenue of 250.266 billion yuan for fiscal year 2018, up 58% year on year and the highest growth rate since its IPO.